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bestrongbefitaboutme2Hi friends,

I’m Elizabeth, the brains (and booty) behind BeStrong.BeFit.  A Florida girl at heart, I moved to NYC after graduating from Florida State University (NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, 2014!!) with my B.F.A. in Music Theatre.  After traveling the globe with Broadway National Tours and regional theater productions, I decided to apply my obsession with helping others achieve health, nutrition and betterment to good use!  I enrolled myself at at Hunter College to continue pursuing post-bacc work toward my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  And along the way, I discovered my niche in the world of fitness!

I am a proud member of the training team at Mark Fisher Fitness, where I lead our Ninjas through incredible kettlebell workouts on a weekly basis, inspiring them to be their best selves with motivation and also, duh, glitter and dance moves and humor.  My goal is for each of my Ninjas to leave class feeling like the most empowered and energetic version of themselves.  My joy comes from knowing I’ve affected even just one person in the room that day, promoting positivity or energy or courage.  I can’t think of more rewarding work, or a more inspiring environment in which to invest myself in.  And I am surrounded by the most intelligent, passionate and humble human beings on the planet.  To work amongst such talented trainers and human beings is an utter honor.  And training Tony-award winners isn’t so shabby, either!  If you love unicorns and rainbows and ridiculousness and getting better please click on the link and check out our Clubhouse!  It is a truly special place.

I also am an instructor at Physique57, a barre studio at which I began my journey with as a client 5 years ago.  As a dancer, this workout really resonates with me, elongating and strengthening muscles to some really great music!  I am honored to teach amongst many other diversified and professional dancers, and it is fascinating to see how this company continues to grow and expand, both nationally and internationally.  I’ve had the honor of instructing many celebrity clients, including our very own Erin Andrews (spokesperson for Physique57) and her sister Kendra who visited NYC during Super Bowl weekend 2014!  If you’re ever in NYC, come pulse and squeeze with me!

I am also proud to announce that I am training for my first half-marathon, the NYC Half on March 16th.  I became impassioned to run for Team Fox, raising money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation in honor of my father.  I am attempting to raise $1500 for Parkinson’s Research.  If your heart feels called, please know that a donation of any denomination would mean the world.  Please click here for more details.

Lastly, thank you for opening your heart to my blog, to my posts, and ultimately to me.  I believe if we treat each other tenderly, with kindness and reciprocity, we most certainly hold the key to changing the world.

Shine on, friends.

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