Pistol Squats for Parkinson’s

On April 10th, I had the privilege of attending the Team Fox MVP Dinner, which is held here in NYC every year to honor the top fundraising members of Team Fox.




 My gorgeous date, the brave and beautiful Amanda Ting! #yassisterrrrs


With Alex and Nicole, who both work for Team Fox.  These ladies are lovely and inspirational, and happy to call them friends.
*also seen here, fiancé photobomb. 🙂

First, let me start by saying how incredibly honored I was to be in such company and how thankful I am for all those who generously donated to my fundraising efforts.  In running both the NYC Half-Marathon and TCS NYC Full Marathon in 2014, with the incredible support of everyone I love and admire,

WE RAISED nearly $6,000 together.

I’ve set a lofty goal for us this time, inspired by the actions of other Team Fox members who’ve hosted events and challenges and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for this cause.  I want to make an even greater dent than I have before in the quest for funds to find a cure.  The goal is to raise $10,000 via this Pistol Squats for Parkinson’s Challenge.

Will you help me?

The idea was born from this ridiculous video I created last week:


A pistol squat is a very challenging single-leg movement that requires a lot of balance, strength and control.  It takes patience, diligence and consistency in order to train up to an unassisted pistol squat, and it is something I’m very proud of mastering after having worked on it over the past year!!


Pistol Squat – Step 2 seen at 0:25 in the following video:

Just kidding.


I will be taking on bids to perform Pistol Squats out and about around NYC, inspired by your favorite Broadway musicals, in crazy costumes, with celebrities (?), with YOU, all to gain awareness and raise funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.  I will be posting the videos of each challenge once completed and will tag you in it.  I will also provide step-by-step training on how to train your very own pistol squat so you too can drop it like it’s hot for charity!

Also I would love for you to JOIN MY TEAM and encourage others to join in the insanity.

[hashtags: #teamfox #pistolsforparkinsons]


Tier 1 (one level of crazy) $25 Donation

ex: Pistol Squat inspired by your favorite Broadway musical

Tier 2 (two levels of crazy) $50 Donation

ex: Pistol Squat in one of your favorite NYC locations

Tier 3 (three levels of crazy) $75 Donation

ex: Pistol Squat in a costume in one of your favorite locations

Tier 4 (four levels of crazy) $100-$500 Donation

ex: creating a scene…for example, SHOW TIME on the N train Pistol Squat

Tier 5 (ALL levels of crazy) $500+ Donation

ex: Pistol Squat with the entire Broadway cast of Kinky Boots perhaps??  Jerry?

Team Fox is very proud to make known that ALL donations go 100% to research efforts to find a cure for Parkinson’s.  Thank you in advance for all of your support.

AND!  If you would like to JOIN in the fun, the more the merrier!  You can join my Team here, or simply video your crazy pistol squat, tagging #pistolsforparksinons on Instagram or Facebook, and attach this link!

Thank you SO much in advance for all of your support.  I am so honored to create more action toward a cure for PD.


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