Eat the Bagel


Life is a precarious game of balance.  When we look around we find that the idea of balance, of yin and yang, is actually all around us — in philosophy, in nature, in religion — all the way down to the microscopic cells within our body.  Let’s get nerdy and take homeostasis, for example.  Simply speaking, it is the concept that our body is constantly trying to maintain a state of balance on the deepest, most cellular level.  If our body doesn’t work efficiently enough to maintain such a state in the midst of imbalances, then basically, our organs fail and we die.  And welp.  That’s sad.  But fret not, that’s like, WORST case scenario.  Your body really truly does have your back.  Its resilience is quite astounding and its ability to get you back on track after being off kilter is pretty epic.  Which is why sometimes, you should just


Balance is what every little piece of stardust within our bodies is maintaining daily, yet we as humans have a really tough time cultivating our own personal soulful homeostasis.  We’re forever caught up in a loop of too much or not enough and this definitely creeps in to how we treat our bodies through sleep, food and fitness.

Which brings me back to food.  Everything Bagels, to be more specific.  With scallion cream cheese.  Not too toasty, even a little chewy.  Each bite is one part cream cheese, one part bagel.  The cream cheese is slightly ‘melty’ due to how hot the bagel…I’m off topic.

I’ve always believed that the most successful nutrition plans are those that lack extremism; those that achieve a balanced plan that you can actually maintain through out your day-to-day life.

A triumphantly healthy lifestyle involves understanding your body and how your body uses the fuel you are feeding it. 

But just as importantly, a huge component of owning your healthy lifestyle is freeing yourself of guilt if you choose to indulge.  Creating balance.  Being kinesthetically in-tune with your own body and the little signals it’s sending you is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself.

For instance.  I was walking down the street the other day, minding my own damn business, when suddenly my brain was all like: EVERYTHING BAGEL WITH CREAM CHEESE.  On loop.  Volume: ten.

Stop it, brain.  Just stop.  You don’t REALLY want carbs.  You’re just underslept and in order to find a boost of energy you are convincing me that I should eat a 600 calorie bagel that will leave me nutritionally deprived and with hunger pangs worse than when I started because the bagel will immediately convert to sugar which will spike my blood sugar levels (the carb “high”) which will then spike my insulin levels to bring my body back down (the “crash”).

Brain, I am smart.  I know what you’re doing to me.  You’re trying to trick me, and it’s not nice.  So stahp it.

“But you NEVER crave bagels.  Just this once?  PLEASE?!  Wouldn’t it be fun?!  And you’re so lucky to live in NYC, the MECCA OF BAGELS!  They’re so poofy and chewy and toasty!  DO IT. ”

I continued to ignore my very loud annoying brain.  Once I got to work, I had a Quest Bar (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough — what what!) full of macros that better served my body.  I thought, if the craving is still there after I teach then FIIIIIIINE brain, you win.

I weirdly kept waiting for that craving to come back, but it never did.  It’s been three weeks and I realize now it was some sort of fleeting occurrence.  Which normally I guess I would celebrate!  I beat the bagel demon inside me!  Victory!  Obviously, I know exercising self-control was the best choice for my body, but what about my soul?  I’m actually sort of a little sad I didn’t indulge that time and to be quite honest,

I kind of regret not eating the bagel.

And sure, I could go out and shove one down my throat now, but it wouldn’t be the same.  Perhaps I should have eaten the bagel when I wanted it most.  Again, not the best nutritional choice.  As long as I don’t let that indulgence derail my healthy eating the rest of the day, what’s the worst thing that could have happened?  Maybe indulging in the bagel would have even sent little boosts of good-feeling neurotransmitters to my brain!

So my advice to you: if you are consistently adhering to a healthy nutrition and fitness plan, and you feel confident enough to allow yourself this wiggle room every once in a while without falling off the deep end, then for goodness sake,

please eat the bagel. 

Do it to maintain homeostasis of the soul.  😉

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