Mark Fisher Fitness: Fitness Tips from the Master of Awesome

I am SO STOKED to officially announce on my blog that I have been hired on as an intern at the INCREDIBLE Mark Fisher Fitness here in NYC. Over the next six months, I will be learning how to become a badass ninja trainer, I will become certified as a personal trainer, and hope to earn my kettlebell and FMS certs among others. SWEET STUFF! What sets MFF apart from any other “gym” is the culture, the community. It is unlike any other, and I am so proud to be working in such a positive incredible and fun environment where the trainers inspire their Ninjas (clients) to make solid life changes through life coaching and become not only healthy and hot, but just better versions of their already awesome selves. If you’re in the city, I HIGHLY recommend you drop by for a class to see what we’re all about. You might even catch someone teaching in a superhero costume. I’m absolutely not joking.

Delicious 30 Minute Workout Pie! For the full 30 minute workout routine, go to Yummy! For one man dance party go to 3:26 For more fast workouts, weight loss tips, and gratuitous unicorn references, go to Ridiculous Humans, Serious Fitness


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